You’ve struck gold!

Well kinda- here are some of the projects that have been keeping me busy.

I enjoy all 5 parts of the process-

a) Inspiration- too many hours of YouTube watching!

b) Designing – a rough sketch or draft

c) Cutting- with these various tools

d) Assembly- solving the challenges and getting that ‘Yes – get in!’ feeling when the pieces slot together

e) Sanding and finishing- the best bit by far and the most relaxing. (No chance of sawing your leg off)


2020 – Lock Down Wood Working

Basic Sawhorses

Garden Planter

Outdoor Sofa

Concrete and Wood Coffee Table

Outdoor Modern Chair

Yin Yang Concrete and Wood Table

Simple Wooden Box

Epoxy and Wood Tables

USA Wooden Flag

Memorial George Floyd Flag

Outdoor Corner Sofa

United States of Zion

Orange is the New Black

Bella Italia!

United States of Davdi

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