Two Decades Later: On Writing / Stephen King/ Book Review

“Writing and the pleasure I take in it has contributed to the stability of my health and home life“ It’s 20 years since King released On Writing. I have to say I slept on it until it was mentioned in a recent Joe Rogan interview with Jack Carr. I began with some trepidation could KingContinue reading “Two Decades Later: On Writing / Stephen King/ Book Review”

Blowout Book Review

‘It is easier to deal with one family, one man, one dictator’ – industry saying. Rachel Maddox’s foray into the murkey world of oil and gas is a tour de-force- bringing together the fracking, Russian geopolitics and big finance. The familiar drum beat of poisened water wells, boom and bust and catastrophic spills going backContinue reading “Blowout Book Review”

Why Working Offshore is great prep for a stay on the Psyc-ward

They say it is best to put pen to pad when ideas are fresh. Well here goes…it doesn’t get much fresher than being incarcerated on the psychiatric ward. In this post we’ll look at the similarities between life on oil rigs and confinement in a mental institution. It seems the former may have been theContinue reading “Why Working Offshore is great prep for a stay on the Psyc-ward”

A (not so brief) history of TOTAL

Buy the dip Mergers and acquisitions have always been part and parcel of the oil and gas industry. Sometimes, it is more efficient to acquire reserves with the cheque book rather than the drill bit. Assets changing hands can present challenges for data management – whether that be sorting through dusty seismic logs or importingContinue reading “A (not so brief) history of TOTAL”

Do you have a Marketing Problem?

Do you have a marketing problem? ‘IT IS FINE IF FOLK DON’T LIKE YOUR WORK… it is not for them now’ This is such a freeing statement which all writers, artists and musicians should repeat as a mantra. I certainly have found it helpful – during the creative process-there are multiple layers of tension. CreateContinue reading “Do you have a Marketing Problem?”