13 Inspirational Quotes from Jay-Z’s Decoded biography

“You realise the beat is everywhere. The other element is flow. Every life has to find its own flow.” “To have contradictions- especially when you are fighting for your life is human” “They say that soldiers in armies don’t fight for the cause they fight for eachother.” “Success could only mean self sufficiency- being aContinue reading “13 Inspirational Quotes from Jay-Z’s Decoded biography”

Money Making Scheme #4- Matched Betting

As followers of black gold will know- the oil and gas industry has a tendency to (every decade or so) shit the proverbial bed. Whilst going through the formalities of a 2016 redundancy round. (oil at 25 USD/bbl) I came across Matched Betting… They say necessity is the mother of invention and after applying forContinue reading “Money Making Scheme #4- Matched Betting”

Money Making Scheme #2- (Energy) Stock Investing

I Stock picking has mushroomed in popularity during the lockdown. Many of the major trading platforms have reported a spike in signups. My own journey with active investing began in 2010 when I inherited 50 Rolls-Royce shared.  The beleagued company faced bankruptcy back in ’73 and as recently as 2015 saw its share price beatenContinue reading “Money Making Scheme #2- (Energy) Stock Investing”