No Easy Day – Mark Owen – Book Review

The hunt for Osama Bin Laden (UBL) is one of the defining tales straddling the new millennium. Beginning in those anxious days after September 11- Owen’s account delivers a degree of closure on the heinous attrocities.  The Speeding Train The 250 or so pages are part history, autobiography and personal philosophy. We gain unique insightContinue reading “No Easy Day – Mark Owen – Book Review”

Money Making Scheme #3- Passive Investing

Next up is passive index investing. This consists of buying tracker funds on an online marketplace such as AJ Bell, Share centre, or my choice Vanguard UK. ”All this money we getting could be gone in a minute if we don’t invest it with long term effect” Out of all the schemes covered on thisContinue reading “Money Making Scheme #3- Passive Investing”

Money Making Scheme #1- Selling used books on Amazon

Canny believe it is ten years since I began trawling local charity shops for rare books. I’d like to claim that I dreamt up the idea of flipping books. Instead it was picked up from a fellow offshore colleague. The premise is simple arbitrage- Seek out low costs books, check the prices online, list andContinue reading “Money Making Scheme #1- Selling used books on Amazon”