The Institute (2019)- Stephen King- Book Review

King’s latest is a good 700 pages shorter than my last read of his The Stand but it is no lesser work. It is part ode to conspiracy theories, comment on small town American and the growing role of big government in 2020. He really has distilled a gem of a novel laced with theContinue reading “The Institute (2019)- Stephen King- Book Review”

The grass grows. The sheep feed. The Looms spin. – Second Sleep- Book Review

“All civilisations consider themselves invulnerable; history warns us that none is.” I am a massive Robert Harris fan. Having enjoyed the Cicero trilogy, Munich, Fatherland, the Officer and the Spy and most recently Conclave. Second Sleep it is a return to the church vs science battle as an intriguing mystery develops in the post-apocalyptic BritishContinue reading “The grass grows. The sheep feed. The Looms spin. – Second Sleep- Book Review”

Money Making Scheme # 5 -Airbnb

‘You talkin’ crazy taking a stranger into your own home?’  ‘You’ll end up with a crazy guy using your carcass like a sled down Union St.’ ‘Airbnb- isn’t that all over now cos Covid-19’ Sharing is caring We are taught as young children to share. That philosophy seems to evaporate in our teenage years andContinue reading “Money Making Scheme # 5 -Airbnb”

Why you should NEVER go to work in a bank

There’s an old phrase in Texas ‘fool me once shame on you..’ ‘all hat and no cattle’ ‘Why do you rob banks? –‘Because that’s where the money is’ I love finance- one of my earliest memories is counting up 5 GBP in shrapnel and safely stowing it in my piggy bank. I felt like theContinue reading “Why you should NEVER go to work in a bank”

LA 92 – (2017) Just a couple missed meals from chaos

Act I I purposely went in blind steering clear of IMDB, Roger Ebert and other reviewers. Produced from the good folks at National Geographic was this going to be another 113 mins of talking heads? At least from the opening credits (or lack thereof) I knew it wasn’t going to be funded mouthpiece from TheContinue reading “LA 92 – (2017) Just a couple missed meals from chaos”

Vegetable Garden Planter

This was my first garden project…. Had a little help from 21st Century Caveman Spoiler… …the slugs n’ snails got the veg The Glory of The Garden Check out more projects Our England is a garden that is full of stately views,Of borders, beds and shrubberies and lawns and avenues,With statues on the terraces andContinue reading “Vegetable Garden Planter”

Basic Sawhorses

Literally the first thing I built… Once you have these you are off the races! These horses are stack-able and quick to make. Tips- Use timber bolts rather than screws. Measure twice cut once. Don’t be afraid of trimming legs to even them out. I followed this…. Simple really and saved some bucks by avoidingContinue reading “Basic Sawhorses”

13 Inspirational Quotes from Jay-Z’s Decoded biography

“You realise the beat is everywhere. The other element is flow. Every life has to find its own flow.” “To have contradictions- especially when you are fighting for your life is human” “They say that soldiers in armies don’t fight for the cause they fight for eachother.” “Success could only mean self sufficiency- being aContinue reading “13 Inspirational Quotes from Jay-Z’s Decoded biography”

No Easy Day – Mark Owen – Book Review

The hunt for Osama Bin Laden (UBL) is one of the defining tales straddling the new millennium. Beginning in those anxious days after September 11- Owen’s account delivers a degree of closure on the heinous attrocities.  The Speeding Train The 250 or so pages are part history, autobiography and personal philosophy. We gain unique insightContinue reading “No Easy Day – Mark Owen – Book Review”

Money Making Scheme #3- Passive Investing

Next up is passive index investing. This consists of buying tracker funds on an online marketplace such as AJ Bell, Share centre, or my choice Vanguard UK. ”All this money we getting could be gone in a minute if we don’t invest it with long term effect” Out of all the schemes covered on thisContinue reading “Money Making Scheme #3- Passive Investing”


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