Do you have a Marketing Problem?

Do you have a marketing problem?

‘IT IS FINE IF FOLK DON’T LIKE YOUR WORK… it is not for them now’

This is such a freeing statement which all writers, artists and musicians should repeat as a mantra. I certainly have found it helpful – during the creative process-there are multiple layers of tension.

Create Tension

  1. The tension to change the natural order of things- the inertia which exists in all businesses especially oil and gas.
  2. The inner tension- should I put this out in the world? What will people think? Is this crazy talk? I think many of us avoid opening up to vulnerability,,, some may seek escape in recreational  I always drank, from when it was legal for me to drink. And there was never a time for me when the goal wasn’t to get as hammered as I could possibly afford to.drugs, binging on mindless television (not all bad)… It saddens me to see people just whiling away their hours. After so many had their time cut short.
  3. The last edge of tension is when you are running just at the limit… Gunning for that elusive Sub-20 Parkrun PB… 149 runs and counting… You could get a stich or as the cyclists say bonk- but you go there anyway.

As Seth Godin says – are you pattern matching or pattern interrupting?

Great art is all about the latter…

All sound a bit wishy washy?

Down to a personal example…

Back in fall of 2019. After a spell on the sidelines. I had been tasked with marketing a new real-time software solution.-

As these sagas usually start…

I made a cold call –

to a podcaster who I had been following and who was after starting in 2017 was 100 odd episodes deep…

‘Hey I’m Max…I think it would be great to have our company appear on the show’…

Expecting nothing… Got a reply back the very next day…

‘Don’t be surprised Max’…

After several months of back and forth trying to get the diaries matched up, me wanting to drop it as the boss ‘has bigger fish to fry’ we finally got in the metaphorical booth- thank you very much Mr. Covid-19.

I learned several things-

  1. Reach out – most craftsmen are proud about their work and love to share it with the world. Back in the day it wasn’t so easy to find the new Charles Dickens or William Blake. This thing call the Internet makes it possible. There must be so much creative output just sat in dusty attics.
  2. You don’t need to be in the centre of the colloseum to enjoy the action. It is equally if not more satisfying to manage the process from the side. With the added advantage of not fluffing your lines.
  3. Take a risk- whats the worst thing that could happen? They block you on Instaglam…Life is to short not to.

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